Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Bad Idea for a Novel!!!

I have an idea for a book. Tell me what you think!

Protagonist – A Jewish Pharisee named Bill who loves God, but really fell into the ministry in order that he not disappoint his parents.
Bill is a good man who truly believes that by strictly upholding the tradition Jewish Law that he is both honoring God and helping people.

Plot - At some point Bill hears about this man, Jesus of Nazareth. He’s intrigued, but upon discussing it with friends in the ministry he is convinced that this Jesus person is against the established religious order of the day and there for, Bill and his livelihood.

Feeling scared and threatened Bill finds himself swooped up with a group of local religious leaders. The group comes up with a plan to try and trap Jesus with the Law of Moses. They trick a woman into a situation where she is committing adultery and the group then drags her if front of Jesus. (You know the story). Anyway so Bill is one of the last to leave. He is deeply affected by the words of Jesus, his presence, the righteousness with lack of condemnation.

He knows he’s missed something huge when it came to true meaning of all of these rules he’s spent his life studying, enforcing, and loving.

He leaves shaken to the core of his very being. As weeks and months go by Bill struggles with his experience with Jesus and the adulterous women. He tries to somehow make it fit with everything he had ever been taught, or more so, taught to others himself.

Through a series of events Bill once again gets swept up in a mob mentality and finds himself in the courtyard at Jesus “trial”. Bill rationalizes his actions. How he got to this point, why it was not only right, but necessary that Jesus be crucified. Bill was a Pharisee, he loved what he did, it was also his job; it would be crazy to do anything to go against something he had spent his life thinking was honoring God and helping people, all just because he had experienced a moment of “fuzzies”.

He debates - the best decisions are made with a rational mind, not based on emotional whims.

Bill thinks that this is upholding the law. Something he was always told is perfect, Godly and important. Something he had been taught how to interrupt by those before him. For generations scholars and religious leaders had discussed the Law, and everyone seemed to be of one mind, that this Jesus was not in line with it.

This is the right way to do things. This is the way things have always been done. This is the way things will always be done.

Thoughts – So yeah that’s a very rough outline.

Basically it’s a commentary on the modern church mentality, the struggle with change that seems to plague both religious institutions and the individuals that populate them.

But it’s also about choice. It’s easy to make a choice when someone else has interpreted both the options and the outcomes for us, but what were to happen if we had to find God for ourselves, as opposed to having him presented to us on a silver platter? A platter almost always presented to us with the all the “trimmings” that consist of that particular presenters interpretations and traditions.

Would you be able to tell if something was God if no one pointed it out to you?